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Exhibit-A is an advocate of using the most advanced accident reconstruction equipment and computer software. We use electronic total station surveying equipment to accurately document the roadway geometry and all of the pertinent evidence such as tire friction marks, gouges, fluid stains and collision debris.

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With every reconstruction we attempt to determine who/what caused the collision or loss of control, vehicle speed and timing of the critical events, the severity of the crash and could it have been prevented or avoided.

The collision severity is the cornerstone for determining if the injury is associated with the subject collision. Biomechanical and Biomedical Experts utilize our results as the foundation for their analysis.

Typical reconstruction results include time, speed and time histories for the subject vehicles. These relative vehicle positions in conjunction with the approach angles and geographic features of the scene allow us to assess a drivers actual perception-reaction timing is versus the industry standard for that accident scenario. This allows us to opine on whether the driver(s) reaction (or lack of reaction) was appropriate and if there was a way to mitigate the collision or reduce the severity of the impact.

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  Exhibit A is a full service crash reconstruction company utilizing the latest technology to communicate and illustrate a credible opinion relative to your clients case.
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