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Failure Analysis/Product Liability

Exhibit-A provides complete failure analysis and vehicle testing to determine if there was a mechanical deficiency in one or more of a vehicles mechanical systems that may have lead to the collision, failed during the collision, or even lead to an undesirable condition post-collision.

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Exhibit-A has successfully replicated vehicle specific failures that lead to collisions or undesirable handling effects.

As a senior driver training instructor, Mr. Terry has taught vehicle handling maneuvers for a variety of passenger vehicles and heavy trucks. Exhibit-A has performed end-limit handling tests on all types of vehicles to determine a vehicles desirable (or undesirable) characteristics at lateral acceleration levels indicative of severe emergency situations.

Exhibit-A specializes in:

  • Hydraulic and Air Brake System Examinations and Function Testing
  • Unintended Acceleration
  • Engine, Transmission and Drive Train Failure
  • Seat Belt Use Examination
  • Tire Failure Examination
  • Vehicle Steering and Dynamics Testing
  • Commercial / Heavy Truck Level 1 Inspections
  • Tire Rapid Air Loss Handling Dynamics
  • Give us a call to discuss your current or possible product liability case. We can work with you to establish the proper sequence of inspections, non-destructive examinations and vehicle tear-downs necessary for a proper analysis while avoiding the evidence spoliation issue.

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      Exhibit A is a full service crash reconstruction company utilizing the latest technology to communicate and illustrate a credible opinion relative to your clients case.
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